Thoughtfully designed

Our team is committed to producing timeless products sourcing the best materials with the least possible impact on the environment. Our 100% cashmere sweaters are made from recycled yarns.

Fairly priced

We believe supply chains should be fully transparent so that customers know exactly where their clothes are coming from and what they are having to pay for. It is time to do away with industry secrets and unethical shortcuts. By making the products at our own factories, we can cut out the middle men and price our products fairly, unlike the insane price mark-up seen in traditional retail stores.

Ethically made

We see our employees as artisans not labourers and include them in the value chain to ensure they earn a fair living wage. By following the BSCI code of conduct we ensure that our supply chains are fully ethical and compliant with international labour standards.

Our co-founder's family has been manufacturing garments for over 30 years. Having worked with top brands such as Max Mara and Mango, we decided to take advantage of our experience with making clothes and start Golapi as a separate brand that aims to create thoughtfully designed clothing from recycled yarns at the best possible price.